10 oct 2016

Speed up eCommerce by connecting shoppers to products

We all know it: Internet, eCommerce and mobiles have forever changed the way people buy things. But the existing platforms still leave some frustration along the way and could be improved. The future is built on more intelligent connections.

Typically, we see new branding and marketing tools emerging, that are aiming at accelerating the conversion time to purchase. Brands and retailers are going deeper into their strategies, and start reaching out closer to consumers, and seamlessly connecting them to products and services thanks to new and intelligent platforms. Final objective is to accelerate the decision-to-purchase process, by telling a story and touching consumers. It is live and targeted marketing and branding.

We have summarized in this paper some of the major trends fueling this change and that will allow you to increase our eCommerce performance by better adapting to the new shopping behaviors and offering direct connections between your target audience and your products.

  • With 50% of shoppers conducting on-line searches before buying, people spend time on the net to understand, look for information, read reviews before purchasing any merchandise, and are therefore looking for new and meaningful experiences in their decision process. There is a unique opportunity for retailers and brands using targeted ads, search results and user profiles, to grasp these moments to place a user specific ad, redirecting the consumer to a purchase point.
  • Youtube / Video platforms: More than 50% of ebuyers turn to YouTube for advice, information, reviews and comparisons before purchasing anything. It is no more just an entertainement platform, it’s used to learn a new skill, find more information. Youtube identified a unique opportunity on which they are currently working: a solution to shorten the path to purchase and translate video views to sales. Shoppers will be able to seamlessly move from browsing videos about products to finding which retailers carry them, check availability, compare prices and make a purchase, all with fewer clicks than today. A completely new and meaningful Youtube experience. Get your channel ready!
  • Use friends / contacts, social networks and interest fields to trigger a purchase decision. Thanks to the information available on many personal networks, retailers have developed smart algorithms that allow to spot and target specific products for you, depending on your present activities, location, and lifestyle, and proposing them directly integrated in your favorite social network.
  • Local inventory Ads: a powerful way to connect consumers with physical stores and eStores. These ads allow retailers to provide helpful details such as whether a product is in stock at a nearby store. Macys.com, for instance, uses this to expose local in-store inventory to consumers while they’re on-the-go. Local inventory ads really help us by displaying actual inventory available at a store nearby. For example, a shopper can take an immediate action, typically reserving three pairs of shoes on the spot, in the size and color he wants, right after having received a notification from a nearby Macy’s.
  • Retailers will further distinguish themselves by grabbing consumers’ attention through search results and their mobile site or app. Use of applications and mobile websites to help shoppers find the perfect products. Today, applications assist shoppers, giving them direct access to product ratings and reviews, customizing offers and recommendations, increasing both reach and engagement, and potentially redirecting them to the purchase page.

Are you ready for the future of eCommerce? Be part of the story and don’t miss the train. eCommerce moves fast and so shall your digital strategy.